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Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply

Today ATRS is tightly packed with the latest in CNC mills, lathes and wire EDM machines in an 8,000 square foot facility and employs 8 people. Unlike all of the big box retail stores everyone who works at ATRS IS a long range shooter and understands not only what makes the very best in extreme precision rifles, but also the hand loading of the ammo and the discipline required to make the real long range shots.
The people who work here are probably the most anal people you are likely to encounter, as good enough just simply is NOT good enough around here. It has to be the best!

Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply
#6, 2016 - 25th Ave. N.E.
Calgary AB T2E 6Z4
Phone: (403) 277-7786
Fax: (403) 277-7181