BlackPowder Cleaner, Lubrication and Conditioning Kit


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Kit contains:
(1) Black Powder Magic Bore Cleaner (4oz)
(1) UltraBlue® Black Powder Lube (1oz)
(1) Microlon Gun Juice (1oz)
(2) 50 cal swabs

Reduces friction
Eliminates Short Load Syndrome
Increases velocity
Improves shot groupings
Helps prevent rust and corrosion

Clean barrel with Magic Bore Cleaner, five or six patches should do it, if really
dirty it may take more.

Use a hair dryer or heat gun and heat the ID of the barrel. Not hot but warm
to the touch should do.

While it is still warm, use one of the furnished 50 cal swabs, shake Gun Juice
very well for 30 seconds to suspend settled resin. Pass through the barrel then
let the barrel thoroughly dry. Repeat Gun Juice treatment four to five times.

While barrel is still warm, with the remaining swab lightly lubricate the barrel
with UltraBlue® Black Powder Penetrating Lube.

After shooting the barrel, repeat the cleaning as above and apply a light coating
of UltraBlue® Lube.

To help protect rusting, wipe entire exterior of weapon with either Gun Juice
or UltraBlue® and allow it to set a while and wipe clean. Keep away from
fine wood.



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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 4 in

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