Save on Gas

Save gas and money NOW by reducing friction.

Reduce Emissions

Fuel treatment quiets engines, reduces friction, and reduces emissions by 10-15% immediately.

Increase Engine Life

Reduces friction increases engine life in gas, diesel, marine and aircraft engines.

Friction in the enemy of your engine. Friction causes metal wear, heat buildup and higher fuel consumption while robbing your engine of horsepower, torque and overall efficiency.  Friction is typically what degrades performance and causes an engine to wear out prematurely.


Today’s high performance engines are manufactured to very exacting tolerances to minimize friction, but even the finest and most smoothly milled metal surfaces will have a pore structure that has ridges, valleys, and imperfections (asperities), readily visible under magnification.


Even with premium quality motor oils, these imperfections “scrape” against each other to increase friction and its harmful effects.


Microlon treats the engine, not the oil.  Microlon significantly reduces the harmful effects of friction by coating internal engine parts with a durable micro-thin dry film lubricant coating.  You only have to treat your engine once with Microlon as it is formulated to last the life of your engine.  Only once!


Microlon Products are proven to save money on gas and to make engines run smoother and quieter by reducing friction and increasing efficiency. Microlon friction reducing engine treatments are time tested, money saving products that after one treatment will dramatically increase performance, and save fuel in all engine types; Gas, Diesel, Bio Diesel and the new E85 fuel. From automotive additives to aircraft engine treatments and marine engine fuel savings, Microlon friction reducing products provide the utmost in engine protection and increased engine life.

How Microlon Works

See how Microlon works to protect your engine, increase power, and increase fuel efficiency.

Dry Lubricant Film


Dry Lubricant Film

How Microlon works


We offer Treatment Kits that have been created to give optimum results for all types of automobile engines.

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Diesel Engines

Microlon Products has a special formulation for the heavy-duty requirements of all sizes of diesel engines.

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Marine Engine

Microlon protects against harmful corrosion, rust and scale so commonly experienced in the marine environment.

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Microlon has a formulation for motorcycle engines that boosts performance and helps them last longer.

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Microlon is the only manufacturer that offers a true lubrication, one that stays with the metal and various materials.

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Our products are for all automotive, diesel, motorcycle, marine and aircraft engines. We also product products for refrigeration, small engines and sportsman products.

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I am a VERY satisfied user of Microlon aviation and automobile products. The compressions are still holding like a new engine and I do nothing but change oil every 50 hours of flight time. Continue Reading

James Spooner Aviation September 18, 2016

I'm delighted with the way Microlon worked. I honestly couldn't ask for more from one product Continue Reading

Dave Jennings Montana Bullet Works Gun Juice September 17, 2016

I would believe the results speak for themselves as the product does have a positive effect on the overall performance of the HVAC system and would highly recommend it. Continue Reading

Russ Hebert H-Tech Sales & Services UltraBlue ICE September 17, 2016

After the Microlon Treatments the engine was a lot smoother and the gas mileage showed improvement. I do believe the Microlon saved my engine. Continue Reading

Automotive September 18, 2016

For the past several years I have been using Gun Juice and UltraBlue. They have enabled me to enhance both accuracy and velocity, thus improving my shot. Continue Reading

Ralph Sartor Gun Juice, UltraBlue September 17, 2016

I am getting better gas mileage and enjoying the savings. Continue Reading

Automotive September 18, 2016

Since our treatment, we have had no repair costs, the units are operating with a lot less noise, recovery time is more than 10% less. Continue Reading

Ray Hall Service Director, Champion Chevrolet, Reno, Nevada Automotive September 18, 2016

Everything that is powered by internal combustion engines should use your products. Continue Reading

James Spooner September 18, 2016

After a large amount of testing your products here is what we came up with... We found that there was a 4% to 8% better patterns with the gun juice. Continue Reading

Robert Russell Teague Precision Chokes North America Gun Juice September 17, 2016

I used your Gun Juice on two of my guns....It did everything you folks said it would and more. Great product, I'll be ordering more... Continue Reading

Anthony B. Chicora, PA Gun Juice September 17, 2016

I have paid for the treat in about three months. Continue Reading

Calvin Purnell Automotive September 18, 2016

After a large amount of testing your products here is what we came up with... We found that there was a 4% to 8% better patterns with the gun juice. Continue Reading

Robert Russell Teague Precision Chokes North America Gun Juice September 17, 2016

I followed the directions and found that accuracy was improved. Gun Juice accomplished all that the manufacturer said it would do. Continue Reading

Glen Voorhees Jr. Western Field Editor, Gunweek Magazine Gun Juice September 17, 2016

I can drive with a fully fueled tank 75 miles further. Continue Reading

Ed Koers Automotive September 18, 2016

We were surprised by the improvement made by the use of Microlon after the results test, but the facts are there. Continue Reading

A. Palm Tuning Factory Automotive September 18, 2016

My Accord runs low 11s with nitrous and a stock bottom end. We have won more races and money than just about any one around here. Thanks Microlon! Continue Reading

Tim Ultracare Automotive September 18, 2016

I cruise at the same speeds as always but 300 rpm less, my gas was lasting longer and the boat was running smoother. Continue Reading

Peter Wiley Clinton Township, MI V8 Engine Kit, Automatic Transmission September 17, 2016