Everyone can benefit from using Microlon!!

We look at it with three different goals in mind:

  • Decreasing maintenance costs and looking to increase the life of any particular vehicle.
  • Looking to reduce emissions and help the environment.
  • Looking to improve fuel economy.

When is a good time to treat my vehicle?

  • Microlon is a one-time treatment and can be performed regardless of the age of your vehicle.
  • With today’s fuel costs dropping so drastically, it is a great time to consider it now. It now runs less than a third in fuel costs to drive the required minimum miles for treatment.

Let’s talk goals:

  • Reducing friction allows the engine to last longer. Treating eliminates future build-up of engine varnish and sludge. We have had many customers write of their vehicle’s lasting 250,000 miles and they need nothing other than tires. We have had diesel truckers tell stories of one million and one and a half million miles, only to be asked why did they bring their truck in for a check-up. Nothing was wrong. Microlon doesn’t do it all alone; you still need to do the proper maintenance as recommended by your manufacturer.
  • Emission and helping the environment. It has been known for years that a more efficient engine produces lower emissions. Recently in Europe, after treating a 1998 Audi 1.8 petrol and the owner wrote:
    I was totally amazed that within a few hours driving that the car felt totally different. It has more torque out of the roundabouts and a much smoother acceleration through the gears.

    The one thing that really shocked me was the fact that I was previously doing approxiately 30 mpg around Milton Keynes and about 35 mpg on a journey. Since the installation of Microlon I am now regulary getting 40-45 mpg around town and amazingly up to just under 50 mpg on a recent trip to Brighton. AMAZING!!

    I recently took the car for an MOT (Ministry of Transportation Test) and the emissions results were much better than previous MOT results. On the natural idle test it shows CO% now at 0.014 and last year it was at 0.300. The HC are at 102 and last year were at 200. I would certainly recommend Microlon and only wish I had seen this years ago.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Lee G.

  • Fuel economy will vary based on your driving habits. We have customers reporting increases from lows of 5% to highs in the high 20%. We suggest you perform a baseline first to know where your car currently is. Write down the route driven, speed, load, tire pressure, and even the number of people in vehicle. Only then can you compare. Microlon will make your vehicle run so smooth you will forget your vehicle’s past performance, making it more fun to drive. The fun usually comes in added horsepower, but remember use it and you will loose the increase in fuel economy. That has nothing to do with Microlon, that is just common sense.

All in all, we feel now is the time to treat your vehicle.
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