2004 Envoy V-8

I purchased your Microlon Engine Treatment for my SUV. I have a 2004 Envoy V-8 with a 3.73 rear axle, purchased new earlier this year. I am an industrial salesman on the road 40 thousand miles a year. My hope was that Microlon would produce better gas mileage as you suggested and all I can say is Thank You. We started with the engine only treatment and the knowledge that the best mpg to date was 16.5. Attached are my purchases over the last 7000 miles.

Odometer Trip Computer Avg.
to fill
14085 358.3 18.9 18.99 18.86782517
14413 328 17.6 19.15 17.12793734
14764 351 18.3 18.5 18.97297297
15072 308 16.5 19.1 16.12565445
15375 303 16.6 18.5 16.37837838
15740 365 19.6 18.1 20.16574586
16054 314 18 17.5 17.94285714
16386 332 17.5 19 17.47368421
16731 345 17.3 19.6 17.60204082
17083 352 19.3 18.6 18.92473118
17471 388 20.7 18.9 20.52910053
17819 348 19.2 18.3 19.01639344
18207 388 20.3 19.1 20.31413613
18486 278 17 16.5 16.84848485
18775 289 17.7 16.4 17.62195122
19058 283 19.6 14.5 19.51724138
19373 315 17.9 17.6 17.89772727
19690 316 17.6 18.1 17.45856354
19985 295 17.5 17.1 17.25146199
20320 335 17.9 19 17.63157895
20665 345 18.2 19.2 17.96875
20948 283 17 16.5 17.15151515
    400.2 398.24  
average computer mileage 18.19    
average actual mileage 18.1    

I have purchased the Transmission Treatment and will report the results after the recommended 100 miles. I will probably wait 4 or 5 tanks to make sure it is consistent. It looks like I am receiving a 10% savings in mileage so far. It converts like this: 40,000 miles used yearly 4,000 = 10% savings. At an average of 18.1 mpg = 4000 Divided by 18.1 = 221 gallons of gas saved. At $2.00 per gallon that saves me $442.00 per year.
I also understand that my driving habits and the load I am caring in the vehicle will also affect mileage.
Thank you again.
I look forward to adding to these numbers after installing the transmission fluid.

September 18, 2016

Gas And Diesel Delivery Trucks

After having used Microlon in our company vehicles I feel compelled to write of my complete satisfaction and amazement with your product.
I will admit we were skeptical at first with all the claims in the website, literature and your staff. After all some things sound too good to be true, but with this product it is not the case.
The use of Microlon in our gas trucks was most noticeable in much smoother idling and a perceptible increase in acceleration performance. Gas mileage improved on average from 14.1 to 16.2 mpg.
The biggest surprise was the use in our Diesel delivery trucks. All drivers, many of which did not know we used the product commented on the all around increase of performance. Use of Microlon, has resulted in easier starting, improved acceleration and lower rpm’s at highway speeds. Fuel mileage increased 14.2% on our Ford V-8, which has 30,000 miles.
I am a firm believer in preventative maintenance and taking the utmost care in my company equipment. I also apply the same philosophy in my personal life and as such will use and recommend Microlon for my boats, tractors, home generator and other mechanical equipment.
Please keep me informed of other uses of this great product.

Interior Partnership Group Automotive, Diesel September 18, 2016

2004 VW Touareg

I purchased your Engine treatment for my 2004 VW Touareg, V-8 and am quite happy with an increase of between 10% to 12%, seems to vary but the SUV is heavy and has a 310 HP engine that I like to use. In our conversation you said if I was to try the transmission treatment I would see additional improvement. In checking there is nowhere to add the fluid the transmission is sealed. So I decided to take your advice and leave it alone. I am getting better gas mileage and enjoying the savings. Thanks.

Automotive September 18, 2016

1988 Chevrolet Corvette

I am the owner of a 1988 Corvette coupe with appx. 19 thousand miles. The car is equipped with the performance package and is driven like most corvettes, a little hard. The best mileage I have ever got was 23.5 per gallon on a trip to Kentucky. Driving at the speed limit or maybe a little more. I put Microlon engine treatment and trans treatment in appx. May.1st. This year I drove to the muscle car drags in Stanton, Mi. in July 300 miles round trip and to my amazement I got 27.3 mpg at the speed limit plus a little more. The engine is smoother and the city mileage has gone up 2 to 3 mpg. The car is equipped with a computer read out on mileage, which makes it easy to know the mpg. It is easy to Recommend Microlon.

Automotive September 18, 2016

1992 Chevrolet Van

I have a 1992 APV Chevrolet with over 150,000 miles. I put in Microlon Engine Treatment & Trans Treatment at the start of the summer approx. March 1st. The engine is a 3.8 6cyl and has always performed well. After the Microlon Treatments the engine was a lot smoother and the gas mileage showed improvement.
The situation that has convinced me of the value of the product occurred a week ago coming back from the local gun club. My engine temp immediately, went up and my engine light came on. I was on a dirt road 7 miles from the closest town. I could see nothing wrong so I drove the van to the nearest gas station 7 miles away. To my surprise we discovered the freeze plug in the back of the engine had a ¾” hole rusted thru. The engine had no coolant for approximately 7 miles. I had the vehicle towed to a garage to determine how bad the situation was or had I destroyed the engine. To my surprise and the garage mechanics the engine was fine. I had it repaired am still driving it. I do believe the Microlon saved my engine.

Automotive September 18, 2016

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0

Experience with this product has been great. Treated the engine then hit the road for a 60+ mile trip. Once on the highway, fuel economy reading was at its normal 22-23 mpg at 2500 rpm right on the nose at 74 miles per hour. By last 15 miles, fuel economy reading was showing 25-27 mpg and rpm dropping slightly to about 2450. Having consistently had 24-27 mpg since then with 2450 rpm at the same speed. That’s a 10% savings on gas which for me is about $300 per year.
Horsepower is good in this car to begin with, but do notice better acceleration from a dead stop and even more noticeable going about 40 when I step on it.

G. Stein Automotive September 18, 2016

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I was told about your Microlon products in February of this year, it took me a while to decide to try them; quite honestly it seemed to good to be true. Well I am writing to tell you I am a believer.
I own a 2001 Chrysler 2001PT Cruiser and love it. That is probably why it took so long to decide to put anything into it. But as you know the cost of gas isn’t going down and your product is a one time buy, so I did it.
It has proven to be exactly what you said it is. I started with the engine only treatment and later added the transmission treatment. The window sticker says 21 mpg in the city, 25 mpg on the highway with all the disclaimers about how we drive and what is in the car. Since I purchased the car I never made those numbers. Well I am writing to tell you I now get between 20.90 mpg and 22.54 mpg in the city all the time, and my highway numbers have been around 26.50 mpg to 27.50 mpg my heavy foot probably is holding that down.
I still haven’t decided to use the wheel bearing grease or the power steering fluid but if you tell me it will make a difference I will be willing to add to an already good set of numbers. Thank you for the good products, I feel I found them in a time of need with gas prices being what they are.

Automotive September 18, 2016

1998 Ford Taurus

I recently purchased an engine only kit of Microlon for my six cylinder Taurus.
I tracked 7 tanks of fuel before I added your product. My average mileage per tank (I ran it down until my fuel light went on) was 243 miles per tank (16 gal. tank) 15.1875 miles per gallon.
I tracked 7 tanks of fuel after adding the product and have an average mileage per tank of 268 miles or 16.75 miles per gallon. Looks like about a 10% increase.
I’m still tracking my numbers though. When I recorded my before numbers it was cooler outside (no AC running). My after numbers were recorded when it was hotter outside, AC running much more. I think I have better than a 10% improvement. I have 2 tanks recorded recently with little AC usage. I’m averaging about 17.02 miles per gallon. I will try your transmission treatment and see if it will further improve my miles per gallon.

Paul Z. Harrison Township, Mi. Automotive September 18, 2016

Trucking Company – Kenworth W-900

Thank you for allowing us to work with you and test your Microlon products. Allow me first to give you a description of the customer who has agreed to test his big rig.
The customer is a local trucking company which runs about 100 diesel trucks is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They spend in the area of $60,000.00 per month on fuel. The truck he has chosen to test is a Kenworth W-900 with a Cummins diesel 16-liter engine. This company tracks everything about their trucks and had it available on computer when we needed to talk about baseline numbers. The truck had 140,000 miles when we began the test and history shows that the truck was getting 5.8 MPG. The customer understands all the benefits of Microlon in helping extend the life of an engine. It is truly unbelievable that a one-time treatment could be so powerful. But again history shows us your customers with 1,500,000 miles and still running strong. Let me get back on track here, although we all understand the product, we all seem to focus on the fuel savings especially during these times of fuel at $2.00 per gallon and above the talk of $3.00 and more.
After discussion we agreed for the first test we would only treat the engine, fuel system, differentials and wheel bearings. We decided to hold back on the transmission at this time. The truck arrived at our garage on May 1, 2005, we started with oil and filter change, we then treated the differntials with 4 oz of C90 each. We put 2 oz of C90 in each wheel bearing. We treated the engine with 128 oz of MIL and 24 oz of C90. Because of the volume required, the driver would be required to add the remaining 128 of MIL after he completed driving 400 miles. This was also monitored over the computer with the home base.
Prior to any treatment the truck has been experiencing an injector knock, of which the driver claimed disappeared in the first 50 miles of driving. The driver also experienced a quieter running engine and smoother operation.
The truck has now traveled 3000 miles since treating. Although we were hoping to get a 10% fuel increase and see numbers around 6.4 MPG, we are happy to say the number is staying constant at 7 MPG. That computes to a 20% increase in fuel economy.
Looking back at the numbers of $60,000.00 fuel consumption monthly, we see a $12,000.00 monthly savings or $144,000.00 directly to the bottom line. Plus any additional savings received from the up time of the vehicle because of the reduced friction and wear and tear.
Needless to say the company and its owner are very pleased, and expect to install the treatment on the balance of the fleet. We will probably treat the transmissions going forward looking for another .25 MPG increase. I will suggest we try treating 10 to 20 vehicles per month. I believe the customer-shipping schedule will determine the availability of the trucks.
Thank you again.

Dave Masseraug Grandville, Michigan Diesel September 18, 2016

Dirt Racing Team

Dirt Racing Team

I wanted to thank Microlon for another winning race season for the dirt racing team. I attribute much of our success to Microlon’s Industrial Liquid Engine Treatment. We didn’t see any appreciable signs of wear on the crank, rod bearings, cylinder walls or piston. That’s pretty incredible considering the harsh and extreme racing conditions in the deserts of Southern California. We’ve also noticed improved oil and water temps, reduced oil consumption, and perfect compression tests. We will rely on Microlon to get us to the winner’s circle again.

Steve Ruddick Automotive September 18, 2016