Improve Performance


The protective Microlon film in your engine substantially reduces friction in your engine. This allows your engine to operate much cooler and smoother, and will provide more reliable starts in all weather conditions. The energy previously absorbed by power-robbing friction is now retained as additional horsepower and torque. Compression and oil pressure are also increased. You will quickly notice smoother operation and increased available power.

Save Fuel

An engine that doesn’t have to work as hard fighting friction doesn’t consume as much fuel.  Savings in the 10%+ range are typically reported.  Just imagine how much money you can save in fuel costs every year!  However, there is a trade-off between additional power and fuel savings – if you push your engine to take advantage of the additional power, your fuel savings will be less.  If you maintain normal operating habits, your fuel savings are maximized.  It’s your choice.

Lower Oil Consumption

With Microlon-to-Microlon contact instead of metal-to-metal contact, there tends to be higher compression and lower operating temperatures.  There is also a decrease in wear of the rings and cylinder walls.  The result is less oil lost to “blow-by” and combustion in the cylinders.  Lower operating temperatures also helps the oil to do its job better by maintaining its viscosity longer.

Reduce Maintenance

Friction caused wear can result in the premature failure of moving mechanical parts.  Microlon treated engines have fewer wear related moving part failures and, thus, lower maintenance costs.  If you treat your engine with Microlon, operate it sensibly and maintain it properly, your maintenance costs can be reduced dramatically, and with today’s high cost of repairs, it makes great sense to treat your engine soon.


Extend Engine Life

Friction causes wear.  With reduced friction, you get less wear.  With less wear, your engine can last much longer.  The Microlon film also prevents “dry starts” by providing needed lubrication until oil pressure builds up and oil is distributed to all engine parts.

Reduce Noxious Emissions

The more efficient an engine operates the less noxious gasses and particles are produced.  Thus, to operate cleanly, an engine needs to stay at optimal efficiency.  This is where Microlon can make a big difference.  Tests confirms reduced carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrious oxide and other noxious emissions.