How Microlon Products Work

How Microlon Products Work    

(1)  Microlon first chemically cleans the metal surface

Microlon is added to the crankcase (motor oil) and the fuel tank.  It is very important to follow the treatment instructions for your specific engine.  Complete instructions are included with the product kits.  Microlon contains a powerful chemical solution that penetrates and thoroughly cleans an engine’s internal metal surfaces before impregnating them.  Carbon, varnish, dust, metal particles and other deposits are dissolved and suspended in the motor oil, leaving the metal surfaces clean.  The contaminants are flushed out at the next regular scheduled servicing.  This cleaning process is critical for the proper bonding between the pore structure of the metal and the Microlon film.

(2)  The metal is saturated with corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants

Microlon contains special antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors.  These chemical compounds prevent engine damaging rust and corrosion, because they work through the fuel as well as the oil, both top and bottom ends of an engine are treated.  This part of the treatment also contributes to smoother operation and longer engine life.  Microlon does not replace any of the oil in the crankcase.  The cleaning compounds simply evaporate through normal engine operation within 1-2 hours.

(3)  A permanent dry lubricant film penetrates and bonds with the metal surface

Microscopic fractured resin particles are impregnated into the metal pores and become an integral part of the metal surfaces they protect.  These particles actually mechanically lock into the matrix of the metal asperities and coat the surface.  The resulting dry film lubricant is resistant to chemicals and capable of withstanding temperatures far in excess of normal engine operation.  The Microlon film has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any material known to man, yet it is chemically inert and will not burn out, gum up or adversely effect anything in your engine.

(4)  After treatment, metal-to-metal contact becomes Microlon-to-Microlon contact

Microlon virtually eliminates raw metal-to-metal contact and replaces it with Microlon-to-Microlon contact.  This changes the whole internal environment of an engine as metal surface imperfections are virtually eliminated.  Friction, heat and wear are decreased while engine efficiency is increased, and your engine will never suffer from another “dry start” when all the other lubricants have settled to the bottom of the sump.