It’s time we update you about the company and its products. It is now over 15 years since we first started selling the Microlon Products line. As you can read on the following pages we purchased many kits for testing. We believe in what we read but wanted verification.

So test we did. We were truly surprised the product when applied properly did as it was advertised. So why hadn’t we ever hear about this product? If you own an aircraft, chances are you have heard of Microlon. Bill Williams, the inventor of Microlon and an avid pilot, sold direct from his plant to his loyal customers in the aviation market. For about 40 years, he closely guarded his secret formula and preferred to keep his marketing limited, focused and direct. Since his death in 1997, Microlon has taken a more aggressive marketing stance and is rapidly entering other markets. Chances are that is why you are just now starting to hear more about Microlon in the United States. Most of the products can be applied at home some at a service center. If interested in becoming a qualifying servicing center please call for training information..

As far as product goes, in the past few years we were successful in custom blending a new lube using Microlon products, we call it UltraBlue® Lube™. It is being used in the weapons market i.e. (shotguns, rifles and handguns). In the process of testing the product, we were told it had solved short load syndrome in black powder shooting. Something we did not even know existed. Please go to the sportsman section of our site for further explanation of these products.

That brings us to the latest product UltraBlue® ICE™. It provides

• Colder air
• Quieter running compressors
• Quicker area cooling
• Uses less energy
• Cooler running compressors
• Saves maintenance dollars
• Shows results in minutes

Good for compressors on;

Cars, Trucks, RV’s, Boats, Refrigerated Trailers, Freezers, Buildings, Restaurants and Homes.

This is an exclusive product of Microlon Products. We will be setting up dealers around the world.

By installing the recommended amount of product to a compressor you will drop the cooling temperature greatly. We have customers who have dropped from 49ºF to 32ºF in minutes. We are in the process of teaching how to do it. It should be installed by an authorized HVAC man.

Thank you again for visiting our site. Purchasing is secure with us. We will not keep, give or sell your data to anyone. We also have installed an 866 toll free line for the U.S. and Canadian customers; if we are not there leave a message and we will call you on our dime.

Larry Gniatczyk

June 2003

Hi, my name is Larry Gniatczyk. I started Microlon Products in 2003; prior to that I was the owner of an Industrial Distributorship, and a tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry. After 25 successful years in industry, I was able to sell our company and retire. Well I failed retirement. Missing the employees, the interaction with customers and our suppliers. Because of non-compete contracts and the laws in our country, I could not do anything related to the past 25 years. After spending a couple years looking at product we found Microlon. The product has been manufactured for 40 years; FAA accepted and won the “Medaille de Vermeil” at the 7th International Exhibition of Inventions and New techniques in Geneva Switzerland. This prestigious award, representing first in class for new product innovations, was presented to the inventor Bill Williams of Microlon in 1978. That all sounded great, but here I sat with a history of 25 years on the road and I never heard of this product, so I decided to start a test program.

We purchased many auto kits for 4, 6, and 8 cylinder cars. Established a documented test criteria and gave them away free for testing. We are happy to say when installed properly everyone showed an increase in MPG of 5% to 21%. I personally tested the product in a 37 Express Twin Engine Searay. To make sure we would see something or nothing we only treated the starboard engine and trans. After 11 hours nothing was showing, after talking with the plant it was established that the boat was not getting hot enough and the runs were too short. So the next weekend we traveled 60 miles to a port in Lexington, Michigan. On the way back I gave it the gas to pass another boat and after successfully doing that I pulled back on the throttles only to see them for the first time not even although the engines were synchronize. From that point on, the starboard engine ran 600 RPM lower than the Port. The boat ran smoothly and was always synchronized but it took less RPM’s to run the starboard. A definite fuel savings, which I enjoyed having in the summer of 2005 when fuel was + $4.00 per gallon. After watching this for about a month I treated the Port Engine and both are equal again.

A lot of time has passed since we first started testing, we are looking at everything we can, and will introduce new applications from time to time. Remember Microlon is not only about fuel economy. Microlon reduces friction and wear, makes products run smoother, quieter and cooler, it also useful as a protection against corrosion. If you have an idea and would like to work with us on testing a new area, give us a call. If we have worked in that area we will share the results. If not we are always willing to learn and test, as long as we can see a benefit for people at large or the industry.

We have gone on to test buses in various school districts with much success in Michigan and Texas. With fuel prices putting a squeeze on school districts budgets we are glad to see we are able to offer some relief.

The frieght carrier industry has also started to see the light, and what a light it is. The combination of their high mileage and diesel fuel over $3.00 per gallon, fleets of 100 trucks getting a 20% increase in MPG can see a $714,000.00 savings in their fuel costs. Along with that they get all the other features of Microlon.

I could go on forever but by now you get the idea the product really works.
And we are sold on it. It works in all walks of life, lawn maintenance, snowplowing, farming, sporting, industry, marine and the home.

It’s a one-time application that works, you never have to retreat.  It is a treatment, not an additive.  No one else can make that claim!

Thank you for looking at our site.