1974 Honda ST90

After treating my son’s 1974 Honda ST90 (which is a 89cc four stroke engine) we saw a faster top end, and a quieter engine at idle. Top end was about 38mph with my light weight son on it now it will top out at about 41mph. Along with a quieter engine it also eliminated alot of engine vibration.

John B Small Engine September 18, 2016

We Have Used Microlon For Everything

We have used microlon for everything. I use the oilers on my sewing machine which I purchased in 1987 and it sews like brand new and I use it on my serger. My husband has microloned every motorcycle we have owned, every car or van we have owned, in fact everything we have owned that has a motor including the lawn mowers. I don’t know how many people he has convinced to microlon their motorcycle or vehicle. We used to purchase from John Staudt in Los Angeles but we don’t get down there as much as we used to do. I have just ordered another kit for us and some more oilers. My husband keeps giving the oilers away to friends to try and then we don’t seem to get them back!
My husband became interested in Microlon due to an article he read many years ago in a car magazine that told the story of French engineers who tested your product and he was sold! We love it and wouldn’t do without it!

W. Poirier Oiler, Motorcycle, Automotive, Small Engine September 17, 2016