14.7 Liter Normally Aspirated Diesel Engine Kit


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The same protection available for gasoline engines is also available for diesel applications. Today’s stop-and-go driving and higher freeway speeds make it more important than ever to use the one time Microlon automotive engine treatment. The friction reducing Microlon film saves you money by reducing fuel consumption, decreasing maintenance costs and extending the life of your engine. You also help our environment with reduced noxious emissions. Plus, you’ll notice smoother operation and improved performance with increased horsepower and torque. Each kit contains: treatment for Crankcase application – treatment for Fuel System application

Normally Aspirated Diesel Engine Treatment Kit consists of:
112 oz (3311ml) of Engine Treatment
112 oz (3311ml) of Compound 90 for crankcase
32 oz (946ml) of Fuel System Treatment

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Weight 17 lbs