Crossbows – Oiler


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Flight Deck: Apply a drop on each side of the flight deck in front of and behind the bowstring. Spread lubricant the length of the deck. Apply after every 200 shots.

Wheels and Cams: Apply a drop at the axle/wheel bearings.

Trigger: Apply a drop to the front and back of trigger stem inside the hole in the stock where the stem protrudes. Apply a drop on each side of the string latch through the string slot in the trigger housing.

Dry Fire Inhibitor: Apply a drop to each side of the DFI pivot point.

Safety Slide: Apply a drop to the plunger shaft on Roller Touch and Drop Latch Triggers. Apply a drop inside the safety slide cutout on each side of the Power Touch trigger housing.

General Use: Use sparingly. Remove excess with a clean cloth. Coat screw and bolt heads at the beginning and end of the season and after exposure to rain.

The above instructions were written by the boys at Ten Point Crossbow Technologies. You can visit their site and purchase direct with your other bow accessories or purchase here. Visit Also click here to read Don “Duckman” Williams comments on our oilers. Don is the 2005 and 2006 IBO National Champion and the 2006 World Champion Crossbow Division.

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