High Temp Grease



Microlon Hi- Temp Grease is a water resistant, extreme- pressure, heavy- duty
wheel bearing and general purpose grease. It is manufactured from selected lubricating
oil stocks and thickened with a complex soap stock. It contains additional rust
inhibitors that help the Microlon resin protect metal surfaces under extreme service.
This unique composition provides outstanding film strength and adhesive properties.
As a result, Microlon Hi- Temp Grease is particularly effective in providing low
wear in shock load service. Hi- Temp Grease is the best all around of the Microlon
greases. This grease in particular was used by Windward Press to treat one of
their big printing presses. The grease is water resistant and ‘stringy’ and showed
excellent results in pushing water out of the grease lines. 14 ounce (413ml) tube.

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Weight 1.75 lbs

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