Microlon-To-Microlon Contact

Microlon-To-Microlon Contact

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Stage four

After Treatment, Metal-To-Metal Contact Becomes Microlon-To-Microlon Contact

Microlon virtually eliminates raw metal-to-metal contact and replaces it with Microlon-to-Microlon contact. This changes the whole internal environment of an engine as metal surface imperfections are virtually eliminated. Friction, heat and wear are decreased while engine efficiency is increased, and your engine will never suffer from another “dry start” when all the other lubricants have settled to the bottom of the sump.

The two cubes in the illustration show how two pieces of metal treated with Microlon work together. Both surfaces now have new load-bearing surfaces that are almost friction free. The particles in the Microlon coating have tremendous lubricating properties. Each surface is “dynamic” which means the Microlon resins remain elastic under normal operating conditions and temperatures.

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