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Microlon is the only manufacturer that offers a true lubrication. One that stays with the metal and various materials, not just covers them up. Many weapons used for hunting, competition and protection, have a combination of metals, plastic and composite materials. We need to protect against friction, weather and prolonged storage. We offer a real penetrating product that lasts, not just a cover-up.

Protect the firearms that you depend on.

Microlon Gun Juice was created to be used on firearms in place of normal gun oils.  The Microlon film increases muzzle velocity and improves accuracy. The super slick film reduces the wear coming from friction and delivers smoother operation of all moving parts.  Microlon Gun Juice helps prevent rust and corrosion by creating a barrier on the metal surfaces of your firearm.

Microlon is a proven product that protects, penetrates and lubricates all surfaces. UltraBlue™ has been used by the US Army Marksmanship Training Unit, the US Army Pistol Team and the US Marine Pistol Team since 2005. In 2006 the rifle teams also started using our products.

The UltraBlue™ lineup was manufactured for all types of  firemarms in mind; handgun, rifle, glock, shotguns, blackpowder guns.  The UltraBlue™ product line which consists of UltraBlue™ Penetrating Gun Lube, UltraBlue™ Choke Lube, UltraBlue ™Blackpowder Lube will keep your firearms protected.

We also carry lubrication for crossbows as well as compound bows.

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