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2000 Ducati ST2

The bike is a year 2000 Ducati ST2 (944 Engine) with 34,400 miles on the clock (it had 2295 when I bought it 5 years ago). The bike is totally standard except for a 14 tooth gearbox sprocket. Its serviced annyally by me with Rich of Louigi Moto adjusting the valves if they need doing. The bike was taken to Tim Blakemore in Bristol and put on the Dyno. Ducati figures are 83 hp at the crank. The actual reading at the back wheel is 72.81 hp. You will notice that the revs are not on the readout. This is because the fairing needs to be removed to connect the dyno and I couldn’t be arsed as it is a pig to remove. I then added the Microlon as per instructions. 22 fl oz of Microlon was put in the engine and 2 fl oz in the fuel tank. I then road the bike on the motorway for 140 miles with the revs at 4000 – 5000 RPM. There was no increase in engine temperature, as I expected, during the running in period. The bike was then tested again with a reading of 77.02 as the result. The net gain of approx 6%. The only way to get a gain like this on a standard bike is by fitting a Power Commander at 279.00 Euros plus set up and the improvement on my bike would probably be less than this.
On the way home I had a little play. I like to come out of the bends on the torque and am sure there is more there (the torque results are being emailed to me). I will forward them as soon as I have them. The gear change is noticeably smoother and the throttle snappier. I also think the fuel consumption is less but will confirm this in a week or so.
Tim Blakemore is a motorcycle service engineer and tuning specialist in turbo and nitrous. He also has a drag bike which he races.
Richard is a Ducati specialist and prepares race bikes for many teams. He is well respected in the racing scene and a very popular track day instructor.
Both of them were very skeptical of the product as they have seen and tested many such “Performance Products” in the past but both are impressed by the results and I am sure they would both be prepared to stock the product especially after Rich tests the fork treatment.

Tim Blakemore Motorcycle September 18, 2016