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Archery Treatment

Hello, My name is Don “Duckman” Williams. I am a Master level Archery Coach at Schupbach Sporting Goods in Jackson Michigan. I have been shooting cross bow competitively for three years.
Through thousands of practice arrows, I was searching for a good rail lube. I needed something that would last for many shots and cut down on serving wear. During my search I tried an endless number of oils, waxes, and different greases for rail lube. My search came to an end where it actually began, Microlon. This was the oil lube that came with my Ten Point Cross Bow. The Microlon doesn’t change with temperature and it stays on the rail much longer than any of the other products I tried. It seems to soak into the aluminum Rail and hang there. I tested every product on the market and the Microlon is simply the best.

Don "Duckman" Williams 2005 and 2006 IBO National Champion, 2006 World Champion Crossbow Division Oiler September 17, 2016