Icrease Velocity Within Safe Limits

Treating a barrel does not cause velocity to rise by its self, just as molly treatment of the bullets or barrel does not. What it does is by creating a supper smooth slick surface is to reduce chamber pressure, so allowing a powder increase to INCREASE velocity within safe limits.

The method I used when wetting patches was to charge an eye dropper then wet the patch when on the jag. This was for a completely cleaned and degreased barrel with all traces of metal fowling removed. I would wet a patch and scrub the warmed bore until the patch became dry, I would re-wet the existing patch as it would be already impregnated with the Microlon compound. I would use the first patch for the first 5 applications by now the patch would have a grey appearance and the bore a polished mirror like appearance. Bore resistance to the patch stroke would noticeable reduce after the first 3 or so wettings. I would then use a new patch for the next 5 applications; this patch would not develop a grey sheen. It should be noted the bore was dried and reheated between each separate patch wetting. The eye dropper stopped all premature evaporation of the fluid.

Now after 4 months my cleaning still only comprises of using a few drops of a Kriol/ shooters choice mix 1-2 on a Bore Snake. The first observation is as yet I have no traces of metal fowling in any of the 11 rifles treated. Indeed the bores still retain the same mirror like sheen. When it does become necessary to clean the bores using jags brushes bore form (forest) etc I will retreat each bore with a few wet patches on a warm barrel. As to how many only time will tell, it must be noted that none of my rifles are used for target or competition use. I have however fires several hundred rounds from the Hornet.

The other observation is when using the .22 semi auto for an extended period one night recently at maybe -10d c on the hill the cycling rate remained unchanged, the initial treatment have greatly improved the rate of fire and quietened the mechanism. I have not had a jam or failure to cycle a single round since treating it; this did happen on occasion with sub sonic ammo before treatment.

Keep pushing it, remember it was a struggle to get people to use an Over and Under shotgun and scope sights.

As I said before there are no down sides to this product only win-win.

Gareth Gun Juice September 17, 2016