It Did Everything You Folks Said

I used your Gun Juice on two of my guns, a very pitted Knight disc inline that I got for a song, and a new Bergara barrel for my wife’s Encore rifle 30-06. It did everything you folks said it would and more. It improved the Knights accuracy from 4 inches at 100 yards to shooting through the same hole. The Bergara barrel is now so smooth and slick, I can shoot 30 rounds through it, and it takes three patches to spit shine the barrel. One to get out the crud, one dry, then one with lube on it. Also your muzzleloader cleaner worked real well on cleaning the Knight disc, before I gun juiced it. The 30-06 barrel shoots 2 inch groups at 300 yards using Barnes 130gr triple X. I was going to load up some Berger bullets for accuracy, but why??? Great product, I’ll be ordering more, I have a 257 Roberts Encore barrel coming from Fox Ridge Outfitters. Thank you.

Anthony B. Chicora, PA Gun Juice September 17, 2016