1992 Chevrolet Van

I have a 1992 APV Chevrolet with over 150,000 miles. I put in Microlon Engine Treatment & Trans Treatment at the start of the summer approx. March 1st. The engine is a 3.8 6cyl and has always performed well. After the Microlon Treatments the engine was a lot smoother and the gas mileage showed improvement.
The situation that has convinced me of the value of the product occurred a week ago coming back from the local gun club. My engine temp immediately, went up and my engine light came on. I was on a dirt road 7 miles from the closest town. I could see nothing wrong so I drove the van to the nearest gas station 7 miles away. To my surprise we discovered the freeze plug in the back of the engine had a ¾” hole rusted thru. The engine had no coolant for approximately 7 miles. I had the vehicle towed to a garage to determine how bad the situation was or had I destroyed the engine. To my surprise and the garage mechanics the engine was fine. I had it repaired am still driving it. I do believe the Microlon saved my engine.

Automotive September 18, 2016