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2001 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0

Experience with this product has been great. Treated the engine then hit the road for a 60+ mile trip. Once on the highway, fuel economy reading was at its normal 22-23 mpg at 2500 rpm right on the nose at 74 miles per hour. By last 15 miles, fuel economy reading was showing 25-27 mpg and rpm dropping slightly to about 2450. Having consistently had 24-27 mpg since then with 2450 rpm at the same speed. That’s a 10% savings on gas which for me is about $300 per year.
Horsepower is good in this car to begin with, but do notice better acceleration from a dead stop and even more noticeable going about 40 when I step on it.

G. Stein Automotive September 18, 2016