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Trucking Company – Kenworth W-900

Thank you for allowing us to work with you and test your Microlon products. Allow me first to give you a description of the customer who has agreed to test his big rig.
The customer is a local trucking company which runs about 100 diesel trucks is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They spend in the area of $60,000.00 per month on fuel. The truck he has chosen to test is a Kenworth W-900 with a Cummins diesel 16-liter engine. This company tracks everything about their trucks and had it available on computer when we needed to talk about baseline numbers. The truck had 140,000 miles when we began the test and history shows that the truck was getting 5.8 MPG. The customer understands all the benefits of Microlon in helping extend the life of an engine. It is truly unbelievable that a one-time treatment could be so powerful. But again history shows us your customers with 1,500,000 miles and still running strong. Let me get back on track here, although we all understand the product, we all seem to focus on the fuel savings especially during these times of fuel at $2.00 per gallon and above the talk of $3.00 and more.
After discussion we agreed for the first test we would only treat the engine, fuel system, differentials and wheel bearings. We decided to hold back on the transmission at this time. The truck arrived at our garage on May 1, 2005, we started with oil and filter change, we then treated the differntials with 4 oz of C90 each. We put 2 oz of C90 in each wheel bearing. We treated the engine with 128 oz of MIL and 24 oz of C90. Because of the volume required, the driver would be required to add the remaining 128 of MIL after he completed driving 400 miles. This was also monitored over the computer with the home base.
Prior to any treatment the truck has been experiencing an injector knock, of which the driver claimed disappeared in the first 50 miles of driving. The driver also experienced a quieter running engine and smoother operation.
The truck has now traveled 3000 miles since treating. Although we were hoping to get a 10% fuel increase and see numbers around 6.4 MPG, we are happy to say the number is staying constant at 7 MPG. That computes to a 20% increase in fuel economy.
Looking back at the numbers of $60,000.00 fuel consumption monthly, we see a $12,000.00 monthly savings or $144,000.00 directly to the bottom line. Plus any additional savings received from the up time of the vehicle because of the reduced friction and wear and tear.
Needless to say the company and its owner are very pleased, and expect to install the treatment on the balance of the fleet. We will probably treat the transmissions going forward looking for another .25 MPG increase. I will suggest we try treating 10 to 20 vehicles per month. I believe the customer-shipping schedule will determine the availability of the trucks.
Thank you again.

Dave Masseraug Grandville, Michigan Diesel September 18, 2016