1998 Ford Taurus

I recently purchased an engine only kit of Microlon for my six cylinder Taurus.
I tracked 7 tanks of fuel before I added your product. My average mileage per tank (I ran it down until my fuel light went on) was 243 miles per tank (16 gal. tank) 15.1875 miles per gallon.
I tracked 7 tanks of fuel after adding the product and have an average mileage per tank of 268 miles or 16.75 miles per gallon. Looks like about a 10% increase.
I’m still tracking my numbers though. When I recorded my before numbers it was cooler outside (no AC running). My after numbers were recorded when it was hotter outside, AC running much more. I think I have better than a 10% improvement. I have 2 tanks recorded recently with little AC usage. I’m averaging about 17.02 miles per gallon. I will try your transmission treatment and see if it will further improve my miles per gallon.

Paul Z. Harrison Township, Mi. Automotive September 18, 2016