Microlon In Multiple Boats

As you know I am a certified mechanic with a GM history as well as other over the road equipment. I am also certified refrigeration installer. At the beginning of this year’s boating season, I treated the engine and drives on my 370 Searay aft cabin. The process in a boat is a bit longer than the cars. Things are harder to get at and we all tend to be overly neat, but that’s boating. Well the good news, I treated the boat just before we left for a weekend run. First leg about one and half hours, the boat sat for 2 days before the trip back which took same time. Going there I checked my running speed 17 to 19 knots @ 3500 to 3700 RPM’s. Coming back 22.9 knots @ 3600 RPM’s. We were definitely using less fuel on the return trip. Other things that I experienced after and during treatment, you could immediately hear the engine smooth out while it was idling at the dock during treatment. I can also see a difference in the ease and smoothness in starting after the treatment.
Since I treated my boat and traveling with a few of the neighbors, they also saw the difference as we discussed what was happening on an on-going basis. I have now treated an additional four boats and will be doing three more this weekend. Your product works and we are all happy. Thanks again.

Russ Hebert H-Tech Sales & Service Inc. Marine September 17, 2016