Motorcycle Engine Treatment Kits

Motorcycle Engine Treatment Kits

Modern motorcycle engines are high compression; high performance engines that operate at high engine revolutions and generate a lot of heat. This increases the potential for damage and performance loss due to friction. Microlon has a formulation for these engines that boosts performance and helps them last longer. Every motorcycle engine can benefit greatly from a one-time Microlon treatment.

Microlon first chemically cleans the metal surface, then the metal is saturated with corrision inhibitors.  Then a permanent resin penetrates and bonds with the metal surface.  Microlon virtually eliminates raw metal to metal contact.  This changes the whole internal environment of an engine as metal surface imperfections are virtually eliminated.  Friction, heat and wear are decreased, while engine efficiency is increased, and your engine will never suffer from another “dry start”.  When all the other lubricants have settled to the bottom, Microlon will be embedded and still working.  Two types of Microlon Engine Treatment are available; standard formulation and CL 100 for high performance engines.  Both products reduce friction inside the engine which increases engine performance, provides better fuel economy, more horsepower and torque, and lowers maintenance costs.  Microlon can be used in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

In an independent test by Super bike builder and engineer James Bhathena, after one treatment of our high performance treatment (CL-100) he saw a 5 HP and 2ft-lbs torque increase. Read the report and see dynamometer chart for yourself.

The Sturgis run out of Grand Rapids, MI proved to another group fuel economy and a cooler running bike after one treatment of our standard motorcycle engine kit. See the complete letter.

Trail bike re-builder Scott I. (50cc & 70cc) has proven to himself and many of his customers how good these smaller bikes can run. Microlon is keeping many of them running with little or no maintenance.

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