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2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I was told about your Microlon products in February of this year, it took me a while to decide to try them; quite honestly it seemed to good to be true. Well I am writing to tell you I am a believer.
I own a 2001 Chrysler 2001PT Cruiser and love it. That is probably why it took so long to decide to put anything into it. But as you know the cost of gas isn’t going down and your product is a one time buy, so I did it.
It has proven to be exactly what you said it is. I started with the engine only treatment and later added the transmission treatment. The window sticker says 21 mpg in the city, 25 mpg on the highway with all the disclaimers about how we drive and what is in the car. Since I purchased the car I never made those numbers. Well I am writing to tell you I now get between 20.90 mpg and 22.54 mpg in the city all the time, and my highway numbers have been around 26.50 mpg to 27.50 mpg my heavy foot probably is holding that down.
I still haven’t decided to use the wheel bearing grease or the power steering fluid but if you tell me it will make a difference I will be willing to add to an already good set of numbers. Thank you for the good products, I feel I found them in a time of need with gas prices being what they are.

Automotive September 18, 2016